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The Top AI Influencers to Follow in 2023 — Mostly Human Ones, We Promise

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AI influencers are bringing us news about the world’s hottest topic right now — artificial intelligence (AI). Want to get some fast and easy AI stories in your day? Then here are some accounts we love to follow.

AI Influencers: The Chainsaw

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AI Influencers: Fabrizio Bustamante

This Twitter account is a really fun journey though AI and other tech. From robot hands for old people, to AI-powered drones, it’s worth following just for the really fun videos.

There are some really interesting clips here. For example, there’s one of a robot learning to assemble IKEA furniture. Because we’d rather tackle impossible problems than easy ones apparently.

Bustamante is an entrepreneur and PHD Candidate that will lead you through a world of AI fun.

The Zucc

We all love to hate Mark Zuckerberg of Meta. And honestly, he deserves a lot of the criticism that he gets. However, the MetaAI feed is really worth following. While like everyone else it is giving us the hard sell, some of the stuff is very visually impressive.

They have some really family-friendly stuff on the feed, including bringing children’s drawings to life using AI. So hold your cringe and hit follow.

AI Influencers: Ronald VanLoon

Ronald van Loon is all up in big data, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and analytics. He is a social media influencer from The Netherlands. His Twitter account features videos of the craziest ideas, including robots reading books.

There are also videos of AIs counting sheep. Y’know, so you don’t have to. How will we ever fall asleep if our AI slaves are even counting sheep for us?


Sure, it’s another ‘Big Tech’ name. But we can’t help but follow even though we may have issues with how Big Tech conduct themselves. GoogleAI, of course, have a bucket-tonne of money behind them, and it shows.

Begrudgingly, the feed is interesting. They discuss robots that do things such as sort our recycling for us, and even an AI who wipes up our spills after us (bye bye wait staff in restaurants.)

All of this can get us excited about our fleet of robot slaves that are coming in the future.

Suck it up, people, and follow the “evil” big tech account. It’s totally worth it.

AI Influencers: Kosherplug

This AI influencer, called Kosherplug, has 110.3K followers on TikTok. The account has some entertaining tips and hints on how to integrate AI into your life.  It also covers trending topics, does fun explainers and keeps you up to date with everything AI.

Rachel Woods

This account has 132.9K followers on TikTok, and 1.2 million likes. Woods is a data scientist and says she helps people to use AI at work. She is part of an organisation called The AI Exchange, which covers all topics in artificial intelligence.  

From hints and tips, to creepy dangers, this is an AI-focused account that is worth a follow.

Jimmy Slagle

This account is also full of AI fun. Even dumb things seem cool on this account. For example, Slagle finds a way to call ChatGPT on the phone and have a conversation.

He also has tips on how to use AI to create music, among other artificial intelligence hacks.

Rowan Cheung

This account shares the latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence. With 128.1K followers, Cheung posts some interesting things worth knowing about.

Cheung’s feed is a fascinating foray into all the little novel things that AI can do. For example, Cheung details how ChatGPT-4 can turn hand scribbles into a fully fledged website.

He also talks about AI for journalists. Don’t worry we are already all over it.


This is an interesting account that has an anonymous owner. Simply called AITok, it takes snippets from very long interviews of AI celebs, and distills them into bite-sized snippets.

Theo Priestly

This is the account of futurist and speaker Theo Priestley. He is the author of ‘The Future Starts Now’, and he discusses the ethics, danger and impact of artificial intelligence on business, technology and society. He can be a bit negative and political, so if you like a bit of drama then this account is worth a follow.