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Tinder’s Most Matched Man Is Using ChatGPT To Help ‘Un-Genetically Blessed People’ Get Dates

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Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, a British celebrity dating coach and model who claims to be the “most swiped man” on Tinder, says he’s using ChatGPT to help single men find love.

Tomlin, 32, who says he became “the most swiped-right man on Tinder” in 2017 with 14,000 matches, runs a dating agency called Celebrity Love Coach. The agency launched a new love coaching program that reportedly integrates AI and ChatGPT into its course. It claims to provide clients with “everything you need to succeed in the dating world.”

The program offers subscription plans for £45 (AU$83) per month or £120 (AU$222) per year. Its merchant site does not mention anything about AI or ChatGPT, but Tomlin revealed this detail in a recent interview with The Independent

He shares that the program’s package includes a service that uses ChatGPT and AI to help men write dating profiles. Tomlin stresses it is “not cheating.”

“You use a dishwasher to make your home life easier – my clients use AI and our training to make their dating lives more of a fulfilling, lasting connection.”

In addition to the AI, the course includes access to a “wide range of dating resources, including personalised coaching sessions, exclusive video tutorials, and informative articles on topics such as online dating, communication skills, and relationship advice.”

For the £120 (AU$222) annual plan, singletons will have access to two online sessions and meetups with “Mr. Tinder” himself.

ChatGPT is changing relationships

OpenAI’s hit chatbot is slowly changing the way individuals navigate relationships. Most recently, a woman expressed frustration at her husband after he reportedly turned to ChatGPT to name his son.

However, in Tomlin’s case, the love expert says the introduction of AI is of benefit to his lonely clients.

“I’m selling a real solution – a bespoke plan of action that uses machines to correct your dating fault.”

It’s unknown how the program is performing so far. At the time of writing, the course’s £45 subscription plan has received one review on its merchant site. “Affordable subscription,” it reads.

Nonetheless, Tomlin seems to be confident at his new program.

“I am giving un-genetically blessed people a hidden advantage in the dating game,” Tomlin says.
“My AI prompts and training and turn any guy from zero to hero,” he tells The Independent.