TikTok influencers are promoting an AI-powered app that generated fake viewers and likes

TikTokers Are Loving This AI-Powered App That Makes It Look Like You Have Thousands Of Fans

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Aspiring TikTok influencers are cleverly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly grow an audience. Some are now using AI-powered ‘live audience’ apps in an attempt to fabricate their online popularity, in order to draw in real human followers. 

The app is Parallel Live. It is billed as the “#1 Fame Simulator” on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Parallel Live recreates the layout of a TikTok or Instagram livestream in the app: think the buttons, likes and comments section. All users have to do is simply hit record and start speaking — and the AI-generated simulated viewers, likes and comments will roll in.

So, content creators are opening the app in public and going up to random people to show off their fake livestream. What do they earn from this? Real, organic wows and gasps from strangers!

First reported by 404 Media, a content creator whose handle is ItsPoloKidd has been flaunting Parallel Live to his followers. He’s even using it to flirt with women on the street, showing them fake livestreams to grab their attention.

“Instantly become the life of the party ?” ItsPoloKidd wrote in a video’s caption.

TikTok’s ‘AI fans’ app

On TikTok, a search of the key terms “Parallel Live” returns with videos — mostly made by the same person — promoting the app. That person is Ethan Keiser, the app’s founder.

Per 404 Media, the content of Keiser’s videos is similar to ItsPoloKidd’s. Keiser would walk up to random women on the street and shove a camera to their faces to promote Parallel Live. 

One other TikTok creator, Austyn Crispell, shared a video in March promoting Parallel Live as a side hustle idea, describing it as one of several “unethical ways to make money”. He instructs viewers to walk into a store with the app’s fake livestream open.

“You’re going to pretend you’re a famous rapper, and you’ll approach the owner … the owner will be impressed and not feel worthy to have you in his presence,” he explains. Crispell claims that ‘students’ who followed his method have made “at least US$68,000” (AU$105,100) weekly. Do you trust him?

Parallel Live also has a Discord channel to provide support for the app’s users. However, at the time of writing, the channel only had around 160 members.

Parallel Live

We tested Parallel Live to see if the app would really transform us into viral influencers. The app is free for download on the iOS App Store. A free three-day trial is available. To go further, you’ll have to pay for a US$9.99 (AU$15.40) per week subscription.

Other higher-tier subscription packages, like the US$49.99 (AU$77.30) per month “Premium” and the US$99.99 (AU$155.00) per year “Experience Fame!” are also available.

After setting up your account, you’ll be taken to a page where you can customise everything from activating “Hater Mode” to switching on “AI Gifting”. The latter is where an AI-generated simulated audience will shower you with (fake!) gifts.

Now, you’re free to start speaking.

Parallel Live’s developer, Big Brains LLC, markets the AI-powered app as a fun way to prank your mates for shits and giggles. However, in the AI era it’s not surprising that punters online have found a way to turn it into a potential money-making tool. 

Image: @austyn, @itsethankeiser via TikTok