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I Asked AI To Generate Images Of The Most ‘Aussie’ Aussie Person

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Another day, another AI art trend on TikTok.

This time, people are asking AI art generators to conjure up the most ‘stereotypical’ depictions of people from a specific country. From there, users ask the AI art generators to ‘intensify’ those images to the point of absurdity.

On TikTok, it’s called the ‘Make It More’ trend. For example, a user requested DALL-E to produce an illustration of a “typical American”. The first image spat out was an ordinary image of a boy munching on McDonald’s. The user then asked ChatGPT to make it “more American”, and… we’ll let you see the results for yourself.

Aussies… but make them more Aussie

We wanted to test out this trend, and we also wanted an Australian version of this. So, we started off by asking Bing Chat to create images of “the most Aussie Aussie”.

We’re given four different iterations of roughly the same image: a middle-aged man with a beer in one hand, and either a snag or a burger in the other, standing in front of a house with kangaroos or wallabies in the background. 

Source: Bing Chat

Not bad. Now, we asked to make him more Aussie. Whilst generating the images, Bing Chat also gave us a crash course on “things that are considered Aussie”: the Australian flag, Vegemite, the Akubra, the barbie and thongs.

For some unexplained reason, Bing Chat came back with four comic-style images of “the most Aussie Aussie with more Aussie things”.

More Aussie! Source: Bing Chat

Doesn’t matter. Let’s give it another try. Again, Bing Chat took the opportunity to remind us of flora, fauna, and food that represent Australia: the Great Barrier Reef, the emu, crocs, beer, and a meat pie.

This time, the AI chatbot returned with four images of people in rugby jerseys. How about one final attempt?

No, more Aussie! Source: Bing Chat

But generating art of Aussies was too much for little Bing Chat to handle. Halfway through the generation process, the chat window froze, crashed, and we had to close the window and try again.

We said screw it, and got Bing Chat to give us the most Aussie image to ever exist on the internet. This is what the chatbot came back with: a kangaroo with a hat, holding either a meat pie or a beer. Not a single human in sight.