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New World Record Set for Making an AI-Driven Light Show Using Only Teslas

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An entertainment company called Tesla Light Shows is going mega-viral with their latest stunt using a combination of AI, lighting, and Teslas.  

Apparently, fireworks are going out of fashion. They can leave behind pollution, they scare pets and they are noisy. So what’s the alternative? Drone shows, light shows and other things where a lot of the equipment can be reused over and over. And now, people are even using their cars for light shows! 

In fact, a Tesla fan (who is not affiliated with the company) dragged together a trucktonne of Teslas, and lit them up. For no reason at all. Just because it was fun! 

In doing so, Tesla Light Shows has set a new world record. They organised this mega light show in Helsinki, Finland, where 687 Tesla cars participated and created a mesmerising display of lights and music. The event was a huge success and attracted thousands of spectators.

The guy behind this event, Simon Pollock, describes himself as a “Tesla nut” and admits he is a tech geek. 

Tesla Light Shows do their work by creating custom light shows using AI and machine learning. Their AIs analyse the music and theme of an event, and then generate a unique light show that matches the atmosphere and enhances the experience. They also use machine learning to improve their algorithms and learn from the feedback of their clients and audiences.

Light shows are the new fireworks

This isn’t the only light show experience that has integrated AI into their offering. 

Force 1 is a device that creates a musically responsive light show using AI, designed for DJs and party hosts. It can match the mood and tempo of any song, and has various modes and controls to customise the display.

MusicBeam is a free and open-source software that lets you turn any projector or beamer into a light show device. It can sync with your music tracks and create dynamic and interactive light displays, including laser effects.

Moment Factory is a  multimedia studio that creates immersive and innovative light shows for various events and venues. They use AI to create multi-sensory experiences that respond to sound, movement, and touch. 

They have designed stage shows for artists like Billie Eilish and Madonna, and also created a 2km sound and light trail through the Botanic Garden for the Adelaide Festival of Light.

Hopefully this happy use of AI will trump the worries about AIs taking our jobs and turning into SkyNet. Fingers crossed!