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шайлушай: The Blue Cat Smurf Trend on TikTok, and why Shailushai is so Cueird

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What is шайлушай in English?

Шайлушай, or in English, Shailushai, is a blue creature that looks like a mix between a cat, a Smurf and a mushroom. The blue cat smurf is now a meme.

He’s going on his merry little way along the floor of a lush forest. Shailushai is heartbreakingly cute and weird, and there is nothing wrong with being “cueird”.

The cueird little blue cat smurf has taken over TikTok in the past few days, and his appearance is almost always paired with the Alan Walker song “The Spectre”. The lyrics We live. We Love. We Lie are almost always imposed over Shailushai.

What is Smurf Cat Shailushai?

So where did this cute little beast come from? It emerged from the mind of Nate Hallinan, who wondered what Smurfs would look like if they were actually real. This all happened in 2014, way before AI art was even a twinkle in Sam Altman’s eye.

Someone enhanced Smurf Cat with AI. Source

Hallinan also came up with some other mythical creatures, however it seems the cat Smurf really stuck on TikTok. Hallinan’s cat Smurf languished on his website for years until TikTok kidnapped it in the past few months.

In Russian, the word Shailushai is gibberish, however it is close to a word that means “scamp”.

One of the first uses of the cute little scamp seems to have been by a TikTokker called @ghojam1, who discovered it and used it in a TikTok in August. It was a cute little slideshow that for some crazy reason, got one million views.

The next use of Shailushai by @ghojam1 garnered 2.3 million views and the trend officially kicked off.

What Are People Saying About Mushroom Smurf Cat Shailushai?

Posts featuring Shailushai are getting thousands of comments and have ignited a trend of inserting Shailushai into all sorts of scenarios.

Another trend is to be the first to comment: “Image isn’t loading but I swear to god if it is the Smurf cat”.

The Smurf cat is even appearing in Minecraft!

Now, you won’t be able to unsee Shailushai everywhere. All day.

Shailushai is ever-present, whether we like it or not. The hashtag #шайлушайalready has millions of views, spawning threads on other platforms including Reddit.

And who doesn’t want a blue, elf-like Smurf-resembling creature with a mushroom for a head and a cat’s face, appearing in their feed? May the Gods of TikTok be kind to you …