Best AI Headshot Generators: How to Use AI For Resume Photos

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Artificial intelligence (AI) continues its march into every industry, including recruitment. So, if you want to move up in the world, it seems that you can’t just send a simple CV anymore. Now, multiple companies are using AI to scan the initial applications, looking keywords. And the new utility is not just there for recruiters. Now jobseekers can harness AI to make improvements to their resumes, including making a selfie look more professional. It is a great idea to include a polished resume photo. AND you can do it for free.

So here are some tips on how to use AI to make a knockout application photo, should you choose to include one. We tested these all out, and these were free, or had a free trial at the time of writing, so they are Chainsaw tried and tested.

Best AI headshot generators to try

Remove Background

There are many AIs that promise to transform your overly casual picture into a professional headshot. Most of these are quite costly, and the sites want users to sign up for yearly subscriptions, with no free trials to work out of they are worth the money or not. Don’t worry, there is a workaround.

The first AI site we can recommend is Remove Background. This is absolutely free and all you do is upload the dodgy selfie in question. The AI will sense the background and white it out. If it gets something a little wrong, there is an editing too you can use to make a correction.

You can take a dodgy photo from your couch and remove the background. Here the correction tool is being used to catch a bit of the image that the AI missed.


Next, you can use Canva to make the background more appropriate or just plain. Canva is free but you can pay for a premium service, which includes AI (which is a bit hit or miss at the moment but it is improving fast.)

However, you don’t need the AI to make a great headshot. You can do it using free tools. First open Canva and get set up. Select create design and choose an Instagram post, just because this will give you a lovely square photo. Next you can choose a free stock image of a business person and use it as the background of your image.

Next, upload the image of yourself made on the Remove Background website. Paste your big old head right over theirs. This works surprisingly well.

You can make that inappropriate photo into a corporate look with Canva.

You could also just use a totally plain background by putting a block of colour across the background.

Getting rid of dodgy backgrounds is a good idea in a resume photo.

If you want to pay premium for Canva, then you can access the AI that can generate totally new backgrounds and outfits. This does and doesn’t work. Some of the images are so crazy they are funny, but others kind of make the cut. The recommendation here however is that you don’t need to pay for the AI to make something for free in Canva that looks surprisingly respectable.

From couch to skyscraper: Using the Canva AI, and asking to be put into a corporate background.

As for making your resume, Canva too also has an amazing array of free tools and templates that will help you on your way. So now that you have your professional photo conjured up, start putting together your AI-inspired resume!

When NOT to include a resume photo

Including a photo on your resume is totally optional. Some people prefer not to. And keep in mind that it can actually hinder chances of applicants in certain situations. According to LinkedIn, it depends on where you are in the world, and what field you are in. If you are in real estate, it can be a plus to have your beaming face on the page while dressed in a nice suit. But in other industries, you have seven seconds of the recruiter’s time and the photo can prove to be a distraction.

Having a photo can also be used a basis for bias, as can other features of a resume. A recent study out of Melbourne’s Monash University found that when it came to leadership positions, people with names that were deemed “ethnic” got less call backs than those people who had more more Anglo-centric names.


There are now many AI tools that you can use to send the best job application possible. Good luck in your job hunt, and your dream job is just a few AIs away!