Patreon NSFW AI art of anime girls by 'artists'

Patreon Is Flooded With ‘Creators’ Selling Horny AI Art Of Big Tiddy Anime Girls

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Patreon, a platform that allows people to directly fund and support their favourite content creators, is being flooded with users selling NSFW AI-generated art of anime girls.

This comes after platforms like DeviantArt and Etsy — where artists gather to display and sell their artwork, usually made from their own hand — have come under scrutiny for hosting AI-generated art.

On X, formerly Twitter, a search of key terms “AI art”, “AI anime”, “Patreon AI” and similar returns with a seemingly endless list of accounts and posts by anonymous creators sharing AI art of mostly anime girls.

One top X account, GirlAIdol, claims to be from Tokyo, Japan, and has over 23,000 followers. They link to a Patreon account that boasts NSFW AI art of Asian women. Their Patreon page offers three monthly subscription tiers ranging from AU$5 to AU$32.50.

“All people posted are over 20 years of age and not real. In accordance with Japanese law, genitalia are mosaicked or blurred,” wrote the Patreon creator.

Next, Patreon creator AsuraAI, who has amassed over 21,000 X followers, shares daily NSFW images of big-breasted anime girls to promote their Patreon account. Paying subscribers can even exercise ‘power’ to vote on themes and characters for the AI-generated anime women.

Another X account, StudiosVakal, has over 4,600 followers and a Patreon page that churns out NSFW AI content depicting women. In addition to AI-generated images, StudiosVakal also produces AI-generated erotic video series of female fantasy characters. 

The “micro-content creator” has over 130 members and offers monthly subscription tiers ranging from AU$8.50 to AU$24.50 to access said NSFW AI content.

Patreon’s NSFW AI creators    

A scroll through X’s search results, after entering the above keywords, returns erotic AI-generated art results, mostly of women depicted in the style of anime or fantasy art.  


On Reddit a search for the keywords “Patreon AI” returns months-old posts containing AI-generated women labelled as “NSFW”, shared by users promoting their Patreon accounts. On the r/Entrepreneurship subreddit, a top AMA discussion surrounds an anonymous user detailing their “journey” to making an average of US$600 (AU$900) per month selling AI nudes.

“The impact this venture has had on my sexual performance seems to be of interest. So to settle that question, I have looked at 10,000+ AI nudes in the last few months and my penis still works,” noted the Redditor. 

Patreon is one of many online platforms that have now become a hotbed of facilitating the distribution and sale of NSFW AI-generated art. Buy Me A Coffee, an online platform similar to Patreon, is also used by some NSFW visual artists on X.

404 Media recently reported that a Patreon creator even quit his day job because their Patreon side hustle selling “non-consensual” NSFW AI content  made them a fortune. Patreon shut down their account shortly after the story was published.

A Patreon spokesperson tells The Chainsaw that it will remove the accounts “found to be in violation of our policies, and creators will not be able to earn from those works.”

“Patreon permits creators to use AI to create works; however, they must adhere to our Community Guidelines. Creators and fans are empowered to express themselves on Patreon, though not at the expense of anyone’s safety or privacy.”

Image: AI-generated via X