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Google Weather: New AI Might Be The Death of Humidity Hair

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Weather in a place like Queensland isn’t too much of a concern. As the brochure says, it is “beautiful one day, perfect the next”. It’s pretty much sunny, all of the time. But for those in Melbourne, your day can be ruined by anything from blasting rain to humidity that makes you look like you are carrying a poodle on your skull. That’s where a new Google weather AI might come into play.

All around the world, from the dawn of our species, we have been obsessed with the weather. And we still are. Whether you’re planning a game of footy after school or work, or commuting in white shoes, knowing what the weather will be like for the next 24 hours is a game-changer.

Google weather AI

That’s where MetNet-3, a Google weather tool, plans to nestle itself in our lives in a hyper-valuable way. It’s just like the way Google Maps is now our everything. I mean, who even can remember how to use a paper map? Do they even make those anymore?

According to an overly technical blog that we have broken down for you (you are welcome) MetNet-3 is a deep learning model that uses artificial intelligence to produce weather forecasts up to 24 hours ahead. It was created by Google Research and Google DeepMind. 

Traditional weather forecasting uses readings taken every 6 hours. Google’s tech does it EVERY TWO MINUTES. This means you can plan your day, decide what to wear, or put extra frizz oil in your hair, to fob off the boofy look.

MetNet-3 learns from both dense and sparse data sensors and makes predictions for precipitation, wind, temperature, and dew point. 

Google’s weather report can be accessed from the Google search bar. That is, if you are in the special places that Google has shown favouritism to. 

The tech has not arrived on Aussie shores yet (rude). Google said on their blog that it was currently available in the United States and parts of Europe, and that “MetNet-3 is helping bring accurate and reliable weather information to people in multiple countries and languages.”

Pffft. I guess we Aussies will just have to wait.

The Magic Behind MetNet-3

Unlike older weather models that rely on traditional methods, MetNet-3 harnesses the power of direct observations from weather stations and satellites. This means it’s not just making educated guesses; it’s using real, high-quality data to make forecasts. It’s like having a personal weather expert in your pocket!

I hope those personal weather experts are good looking if they are that close to your pocket.

May you go forth in white clothes knowing it won’t rain today.