Spark Festival in Sydney is having a ChatGPT hackathon.

There’s A ChatGPT Hackathon In Sydney This Friday So Big Brain Gigachads It’s Your Chance To Shine

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The Spark Festival in Sydney is bringing to you a DSAi GPT Hackathon that will see participants harness the power of ChatGPT’s latest version, GPT-4, to create impressive new applications and tools. 

From Friday May 12th to Sunday May 14th, AI experts and enthusiasts will convene to unleash their creativity and get ChatGPT to assist them in creating the best possible versions of any AI-powered tool. The hackathon will take place at UTS Startups, located in UTS Building 15 at Level 1/622/632 Harris St, Ultimo.

Here’s how the event is scheduled to go down:

  • 12th May (Friday), 6pm–9pm: Launch, keynote speeches, team-forming session
  • 13th May (Saturday), 9am–7pm: Hackathon begins. Two separate groups of 50 will compete to answer a set of challenges, building a business case, and/or developing display programming elements for a GPT-like build.
  • 14th May (Sunday), 9am–7pm: Hackathon continues, judges select winners, awards ceremony.

As hacking ChatGPT requires a substantial amount of brainpower, food and drinks will be provided to participants throughout the day. So, contestants don’t need to worry about looking for food to fuel the brain while they’re hustling the AI chatbot.

The venue will also, of course, have tables, internet, and other relevant equipment.

The hackathon is one of several free events by AI&U centred around AI that will be taking place throughout April and May. With artificial intelligence (AI) technology being a booming topic in 2023, it is no wonder that this event is receiving significant support from the City of Sydney.

This particular event is being made possible by The Data Science & AI Association of Australia (DSAi), University Of Technology Sydney (UTS) Startups, Aura Ventures, and newsletter creator No Longer A Nincompoop. That’s right, with ChatGPT – and more specifically, AI – playing an increasingly important role in our lives, you should no longer be a nincompoop at popular AI tools.

ChatGPT Hackathon: AI and Web3

Mark Monfort, co-president of DSAi, shares with The Chainsaw that response for the hackathon has been overwhelming: “We first thought, ‘okay, let’s see if we can get fifty people’… but we had over 200 responses from people wanting to participate.” 

Montfort, who is also the co-founder of Australian DeFi Association (AusDeFi) and Web3 venture studio NotCentralised, sees a crossover between Web3 and tech’s current darling.

“You have these AI tools, and questions are coming up now about regulation, who owns the data, [and so on]… there is a need to know where that data sits that is entrusted,” he says.

“… if someone needs to be paid for that data, the royalties are streaming towards them; if their image or words are being used, what better way to use blockchain technology that is transparent and trustworthy?” Montfort adds.

He says that NotCentralised has also been working with clients to help them better understand emerging technologies like AI and Web3, and how they can use it in their business.

Results of the DSAi GPT Hackathon will be announced on Sunday, and the GPT-4 master a.k.a the winner will walk away with $1,000. Pre-registration is now closed, but you can email [email protected] if you are still keen.

So, if you are a student, working professional, or just someone who enjoys ChatGPT and want to learn more about it, why not drop by and check it out