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AI Can Now Totally Re-Design Your House, But Will That Affect Its Value?

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AI interior design is now available online — but does it work? And will it take the jobs of interior designers? This could be the savior of your real estate project or home. Is this the tool property dreams are made of?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in just about every industry. And now, it is being utilised to make our homes look like something from a design magazine. That’s the promise anyway.

While there are already a lot of apps available for home design, they are quite complicated to use for a person who just wants some design ideas in five minutes. This is where AI interior design promises to close the gap.

All the user has to do is take a photo of an existing space and ask the app to present a new idea based on the style the user wants to achieve, whether that be a modern look, a farmhouse look, or a tropical vibe. (Don’t use tropical unless you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. It doesn’t usually end well.)

Home beautiful… or not

There are a few of these AIs available now, which give a free trial period to new users. One of them is Interior AI which gives you five rooms to redesign before you have to pay.

Overall, the website is effective at giving a good idea of the space. But it also offered some design clangers, making what should have been a Bohemian design appear like an outdoor opium den.

Another site, called ReimagineHome works in the same way. Users upload a picture of their space, and it helps them to create a new design.

If you are a bachelor with absolutely godawful taste, then this could be surprisingly helpful.

As for adding value to your property? It’s probably not helpful enough at this stage, but if you are thinking of selling soon, keep an eye on these apps as they are improving quickly.

Will interior design AI take jobs?

In every industry, the threat of AI taking jobs is ever-present, and this includes in interior design.

Paul Coulson, the President of the Interior Design Association of Australia, told The Chainsaw that AI coming along might be a threat to the industry, but not in its present form.

“Perhaps it might be a threat in the future, but it cannot replace human interpretation of people’s personal style and spaces in an in-person consultation with an interior designer.”

While the AI-interior design apps have not hit the radars of the interior design industry, this is something that Coulson says he will raise with his colleagues. However, Coulson thinks the AI apps would be perfect for another industry — real estate.

“I do see this useful for staging properties for sale. From that perspective, I think it’s not a bad application.”

There you go, real estate agents, no more photoshopping Ikea tables into awkward spaces, just run a photo through the AI and your job selling the dream is done.