AI-generated ads can be super weird and cringey.

AI-Generated Ads That Went So Wrong They Became A-Class Comedy

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AI-generated ads, while fantastical in our imagination, have not yet arrived at perfection. In fact, they are far, faaaar from it. In a truly funny display of what can go wrong, these AI ads are an amazing example of how far we have to go before the bots take our jobs.

AI-generated ads: Funnier the more you watch it

This AI-generated ad for beer gets more creepy and icky the more you watch it. I don’t know who the AI thought would have this kind of party, but you just know the whole venue smells like burning plastic chairs.

Mouths become unhinged from having too much of a good laugh at… feck knows what. Beer morphs into a blue juice that looks like crushed Smurfs, while someone’s mum talks to a tree. This is while women’s disturbingly blue eyeshadow catches fire which apparently is the best fun ever. It’s a beautiful shizshow and we don’t want to go to that party or drink that beer. EVER.

Pepperoni Hug Spot

This ad is beautiful in its disturbingness. It just has a vibe of pure cannibalism. The pizza delivery guy is definitely there to kill you. And then he will make you into that very weird mince meat that people feed to their nose while they eat the pizza box.

The slogan however, It’s like family, but with more cheese, is a diamond in the rough. Sheer brilliance in the thick of the madness, a beautiful, sentient profound moment, a flicker of consciousness, amongst the human meat pizzas. It’s a glimmer of hope in a barren AI-infested land.

Pizza nuggets.. so few yums

This AI-generated ad, presumably set in the 90s, has everyone involved looking like they are eating deep-fried cancer. From what we can make out, pizza is delivered to a school, and it has a deep base made from pure chicken nuggets. The cheese is possibly made from bananas left in a car for three weeks. And the break dancing just makes it all better, by making it tonnes worse. Technicolor yawn time.

AI-Generated Ads: Olive Garden nonsense butter

The Olive Garden in this ad is where local Karens get sent on their way to Hell. The creator claims that he forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then asked it to write an Olive Garden commercial of its own.

While this is acted by real people, the script written by the bot remains intact.

Clearly, the bot failed. Especially in the soup course. Make it stop, Karen. MAKE IT STOP. Wait, there is another.

We are pretty sure that’s enough AI for today. We are going outside to cry on the grass.